Monday, January 17, 2011

My final reflections for the orientation

1. What were the highlights of the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
Ans: The campfire and the skit as i enjoyed the songs we sung during the campfire and although the skit was not very successful, i had fun. Also, the tower building.:)

2. What were the "low" moments of Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
Ans: The homework parts><, the camp horrendous food , and when i dirtied my shoes at campXD.

3. What are my greatest takeways/lessons from the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
Ans: I learnt to work to gather, and that the smallest amount of misunderstanding can lead to quarrels.

4. What did you learn about yourself in the last 2 weeks?
Ans:I learnt that i preserve alot and will help my friends in need. XD

5. What are you looking forward in 2011?

Ans: Im looking forward to more activities and more fun lessons. And not TOO much homework. X)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

English Homework-communication

Q: Why is communication important?
A: It is important as we need it in order to do things together and to understand each other's feelings or thoughts.

Q: What is/are your favourite forms of communication? Why?
A: My favourite forms of communications are SMS, as it allows me to talk to my friend without making any sound, MSN, as i can video call or type quickly, and talking as i can express my feelings without any device.

Q: How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?
A:If we are in a place where noise is not welcomed, SMS would be better, but talking in classrooms are just fine as handphones are not allowed there.

Q: What difficulties do you face in communicating with others?
A: Sometimes, when i speak english to foreigners, they do not understand me, and i get confused with what they are saying, like when i was in hong kong, i could not get proper and clear directions. Or when i speak a different language to my friends of other races as they do not understand me.:P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day two reflection

Q1:What have you done today?
A1: I have built a tower with straws, done mac attack two, and did the cheers again.

Q2:How have your grown from today's activities?
A2:I have learn to work together as a team, and preserve.

Q3:How should you behave when doing group work?
A3:I should contribute to the work and communicate constructively.

Q4:Why are there differences of opinions?
A4: Each one of us is different and thus think differently.

Q5:Why are you happy to be a member of your class?
A5: I am happy to be a member of the class as my classmates and teacher are funny and kind.

Day 2 activity: tower building

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Activity 4: End of day reflection

Q1: What have you done today?
A1: I have posted in the class blog, posted in this blog, and and play games like the skittles game, blow wind blow and ouch.

Q2:What have you learnt today?
A2: I have learnt the dance, three cheers, the 3Rs and to respect others.

Q3:Why did you choose to come to SST?
A3: I love science and technology, and the different way of learning things everyday.

Q4: What are your aspirations as a member of the SST family?
A4: To proceed on to be a scientist, an achieve my study goals like scoring good results for exams.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes on a wall

The useful features of the wall wishers are:
1) Allows us to share ideas
2) Is a good way to communicate with classmates and teachers after school hours
3) Is a good platform for project discussions
The limitations of the wall wisher are the limited amount of characters allowed in a post and the limited size  of the post.
The wall wisher can be used as a platform for communication and projects even after school hours between  the teachers and pupils.

Icons of familiar applications

These are the icons of familiar applications:

My favourite application is the windows live messenger, as it allows me to keep in touch with all my friends and communicate with them as if we are talking face to face. It also allows us to share images and files through the computer, and also, there is a webcam communication icon in a chat box to see a long lost friend or hear their voices. 

Acknowledgement: Google images search

Route between the singapore flyer, the museum, and the merlion

Route for three landmarks in sg in a larger map