Thursday, December 16, 2010

My experience in creating this blog n how this could be part of my learning journey in SST

    When i created this blog, the experience was great as i got to create my own platform where i can share my thoughts and at the same time a little tiring as some instructions to create the blog was slightly confusing and i took quite awhile.
    A blog is a platform for sharing thoughts for a school project with my classmates, a place to share our daily life "adventures", and where we can be in contact with our teachers and friends at home, or a place to express our feelings.

My picture for my reaction on being told i was selected by SST

After the DSA test and activity, I was very anxious about my results as i had been rejected by two schools for the dsa selection. I was really keen on going to SST, so when i got the email and letter i was superbly happy and surprised. This is my reason for choosing this picture.